The Air Here is Restless

Over the course of my life I’ve lived in a few different parts of the country, and in these parts of the country I’ve found several places that have become “mine.” No, I didn’t purchase any land or adopt a highway or what have you. I just mean that there are places that start to feel alive in and of themselves after you’ve visited them a few times – equipped with their own personalities and voices.
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Pictures from the Past of the Future, In the Now

A week and a half ago I went up to New England – my old stomping ground from college – revisited some places, visited some new places, did a lot of thinking. It’s funny how time can talk in unexpected moments and keep silent when you’d expect to hear a voice from the past. More on places that I used to go and the heart’s connection to the world to come in the very near future…
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conoces-a-Joe-Black-despedida (1)

“You may be the pro, Joe. But I know who you really are and you’re all fucked up.” Meet Joe Black

Hello 35…

Hello 35 – we meet at last. I always knew this would come, and now that it has I am kind of… bummed. I feel like it’s not possible – it’s too early for me to be thirty-five, it is just too freaking soon. Way too freaking soon. Yes, thirty five years is thirty five years – it doesn’t come later or any earlier for different people. And no, it’s not a villain who is coming for you… but damn, it sure does feel that way…
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Movie List: 33 Films that are Just Fucking Fantastic (Part 1)

Originally this post was supposed to be about my top ten all time favorite movies, then it became top 25 favorites, then at 30 I realized I wasn’t going to be able to rank and list my absolute favorite movies definitively (we’d be here for a ridiculously long time), thus I arrived at a list of thirty-three (because thirty just didn’t seem right, 31 didn’t look right, and 32 is an even number… yes, I am weird, I know) films that I absolutely love. This list is not exclusive, nor is it in any particular order.
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Weird Stains and Sentiment

Sentimentality is certainly a strange and invasive beast. It attacks your functionality, you don’t even see coming for you until you’re caught up in the woes of something random and totally unexpected. I’m not an overly sentimental person – I have enough trouble keeping my house sufficiently decluttered to hang onto large chunks of the past that take up space in my home and my heart. I have trouble with sentiment – it comes from places that are very warm and very happy, but for some reason, they hurt like hell.
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The Köln Concert

As I may or may not have mentioned, I am a piano player. I went to Berklee in Boston, I got really scarily into the jazz thing, and a shifty sketchy time was had by all. But in the process of shiftily sketching my way through a weird catalog of music that was starting to have an intense and somewhat sinister effect on my life, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a few things that I definitely needed to hear…
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Nyle DiMarco on the deaf cinematic experience ⇒

I recently went on a similar tirade about the importance of accurate captioning and how it’s half of the movie experience for people who depend on them so more care and artistry should be put into them. But I’m not deaf so my opinion doesn’t matter, ok fine, get it. I use captions to follow dialogue while there’s child-induced insanity clogging my ears – not the same urgency – but I still feel very strongly about this kind of thing. So hey, check this out, someone with a relevant opinion!

two-lovers-and-bear-2The tide gets too high. They do this every Spring. They cross the river to get to the other side, and one leads. The second one follows the first one. The third one follows that second one. Sometimes there’s thousands of them. And if the first one loses ground, then it’s over. The second one becomes the leader and he loses ground. And the third one follows him and loses ground. And it keeps going like that until they all drown.

That’s fucked up.

Two Lovers & A Bear



Sometimes magic happens, and even better, sometimes you are recording when it does. Here is one of those moments, it eventually evolved into this whole elaborate production, but at one point it was just a skeleton and oh, what a skeleton it was. Here’s that skeleton.
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