Antelucan City Stroll (An Urge to Relocate)

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4:13 AM… Walking along the city streets
Through the unpredictable urban darkness
Feeling a tingling sensation throughout my entire body
As I pass through the brutal city
Taking in everything I can
Without giving myself away

4:37 AM… The city reeks of nihilism
Only a few people remain out on the sidewalk
Only a light or two can be seen in apartment windows
The chilly air fills my lungs along with cigarette smoke
Until I toss the butt carelessly away from me
Adding to the growing tension
All around me

5:23 AM… Sunlight slowly creeps down to the streets
Destroying a stillness that never settled
I must wake from the delusion before it consumes me
Before i’m forced to retreat back into the darkness
And sleep off the plaguing reality
Denying my own existence
Yet only a slight urge to relocate

5:41 AM… We’ve been trapped by our own kind
Outsmarted by these sarcastic nihilist pseudo-revolutionaries
Fooled by our own pranks
Victimized by our own irony
Disoriented by our own strategy
Strangled by our ideals as they beat us down to the ground
Chain us to the pavement
While we continue to wait for a catalyst that will never come


The Author

I am an enigma. That’s right. Photographer, writer, musician, model, mother, wife, ruler of time and space...

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