Even Ants, Dammit

When I played this, it was the spring of 2002. I was living in Boston and had spent a few hours staring at the ants on the window sill of my apartment, watching them splash around in the rain and, contrary to what I had previously believed, the rain didn’t kill them. Oh yes, eye-opening revelations… let me tell ya. The result of spending hours of my life contemplating ants was this lovely piece of improvisational chaos based on “When Johnny Comes Marching Home.”

The reason I decided to post this now is because I’ve spent the last few weeks dealing with a weird ant infestation which has turned me into a weird hyper-vigilant ant-ninja. I think I hallucinate them sometimes… they’re everywhere. Or are they? Anyhow, the last time in my life I spent significant amounts of time actively contemplating the life and habits of ants was when this piece came to be. Heh, I guess everything really does come around full circle if you give it enough time. Like… everything. Even ants.

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