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An ocean of clouds
Swarming inside my eyelids
Darkness scattered on the open sea
Shattering of shells
Borderng the end of the abyss
I dance boldy and blindly on the edge
The night is my mask
No one can see me
But they can feel me
Knowing that I’m here


Photography by Adam Alexander; Model Katie Potter; February 2010

Near them
Worrying not
I hide under the tide
Sheltered by spirited surf and whitewater
Closing my eyes
I can hear a song
Atonal, wild and unpredictable
Ebbing endlessly, flowing faithfully
Resolving always back to where I am
Glowing ember of the radiant fire
Burning up the ends of an unspent day
Heating from the inside out
Smoke rising high
Coal in my eyes
Smoldering, smothering
Corrupt in the passion
Innocent in the love
Open my eyes
Finding nothing new
But still glowing


The Author

I am an enigma. That’s right. Photographer, writer, musician, model, mother, wife, ruler of time and space...

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