Escape from Wonderland

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Another time, another place
A girl who wore a different face
With eyes that saw between the lines
Between the chaos and the lies

Another night
Another quest
Another universe to test
But this planet moves without heed
To your preferred preferred of speed

One more week of sleepless nights
One more crazy midnight flight
To somewhere she has never been before
Too far downToo far gone
Far too wasted to go on
Still way too active to die
But too heavy to fly so far away

She’s dancing to the music that doesn’t exist
Filled to the brim with ecstasy
Eyes to the future
Immune to the pain
With just one final request

And I am trying to recall
What it was she said that day
What happened to you, Faerie Princess?
Has the magic gone away?

And I am trying, oh so hard
To speak in terms she’ll understand
Where’s the white rabbit, Sweet Alice?
Has he escaped from Wonderland?

Lost in the wind, breathing In failure
Sitting forward, sitting up
Time to try it again
But never absolved
You think you’ve evolved
But you’ve devolved
Become aware
Before your life is bare
Nothing more to say
No words to describe
Only visions in your head
And the tears you’ve cried
Memories of the smiles
Can’t erase this mistake
You always knew you’d have a choice to make

A time to make a break

Down down
Too proud to speak
Too deaf to listen
To take down and shake down
But don’t move
If you’re going to break away and pull another one of your tricks,
Remember this:
Revolution is merely a catalyst for destruction, when you run from a past that is burned and broken.

And I am trying to believe her
Trying to learn something more
Nap time is over, Sleeping Beauty
Just what are you resting for?

And I am trying to hold on
To that girl I used to know
I miss you dearly, my sweet Sunshine
More than you will ever know

The Author

I am an enigma. That’s right. Photographer, writer, musician, model, mother, wife, ruler of time and space...

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