Night’s shadows prowl about
Your presence keeps me unphased by the darkness
Not fearing
Not hearing the horrors of the world that surround
Fixed in one warm position
Longing that the night would never end
Look around
See no one but you
Feel no one but you
Want no one but you
Feeling your heart pounding in time with mine
Glowing with euphoria
Praying for the end of the world this instant
So that you are all I know and remember
But alas
The sun rises and progression continues
I will lose you in a couple of hours
But only for a short while as the hours tick by
And the moon rises and falls once again
I, still enchanted
Use sleep as a weapon against time
To shorten those pointless hours
I’ll feel your arms around me once again
And your lips against mine
And know that another night will be created just for us
And once again
When the sun arises
I’ll have you by my side
Sweet angel
I long to see you smile

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