In The Freeze

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Autumn breathes urgency

into casual strolls.780657832_hershey_(1_of_1)-3
Quickly now, the wind’s blowing, darkness.

This night, this sweetly unsettled night, is resting cautiously on the peaking tension.

Frozen waterlillies, vibrant as the sun, brilliant as the diamond facets that mirror the frozen sky. Snow explodes from the illusions, like an army of shards, capturing every tree and blade of grass, freezing them in place like prisoners of time. Winter will take hostages, winter will keep prisoners.

But Autumn will break promises.


Trail along the silent air without all of the noise from leaky lights and shadows that shift about the gaps in the atmosphere.The soul is glass. Shattered in instances of awkward time & space, crooked reality.

The memory vibrates too violently.*

The Author

I am an enigma. That’s right. Photographer, writer, musician, model, mother, wife, ruler of time and space...

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