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Hear me now, Oh tempers!
Oh evil waves of scorn!
Thou hast won thy final battle
While rage grows within me like a civil revolution

Oh hear me, You gods of rapture!
You merciless vultures of disguised release!
You speak not of undaunted passion
But of a pleasureable anguish

Your tongue moves sans truth
Sans beautiful attraction
But with contempt and hostility
Towards an impossible mirage

Move me forth into the sinister cavern,
Of oblivion and amourous deceit
There, thou must cleanse my spirit of
The filth you’ve unjustly created

In my thoughts
Dwells the valiant idea that will display my future upon its release
Cast me out into the
Flood my eyes have created
And twice be reprimanded for childish struggle along your journey

I release thee into the endless solitude
From which your creation has evolved
Retalliate against my scars
With the poison thou hast given me:

Oh wretched power!
For my hands have graced the forbidden surfaces and my feet upon the ground
The game is amiss
I emerge victorious*

The Author

I am an enigma. That’s right. Photographer, writer, musician, model, mother, wife, ruler of time and space...

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