Sweet Sea

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breathed in the salty air.

The water was a deep royal sapphire. I swam out, beyond the breaking waves, to a large boulder. Refreshing splashes of water cooled my body as I pulled myself out of the water and climbed up upon the rough grey rock.

Deana commands the wind and sea!

Model: Deana Brown; Photography by Katie Potter 2015

The sharp stones cut my bare feet, drawing forth crimson blood, dramatically contrasting with the cool blue of the Bermuda sea. It was sweet pain, sweet and beautiful pain.

I looked up at the towering cliff and accepted my challenge. One of the earth’s most precious treasures could be seen from the top of that cliff. I was there to witness it with my own eyes justone final time.

I swiftly made my way to the top of the cliff. The climb had become routine, as I now knew exactly where to place my hands and feet. I laughed as I thought about how difficult the first climb had been, for now it was as natural to me as breathing

Just one last time…

I arrived at the top and sat down upon my rocky throne. I felt as if I were the only person alive, and that perhaps everyone else had gotten sucked down into the water fathoms of the great blue mystery. I was queen of my own universe of solitude, superior to the mortal waves that tried to leap up and touch me – no one could touch me!

The thrill of the chase arrived within my soul as I observed the tropical wind with my entire body. Cyclones of luscious energy spun ringlets in my hair and tossed them about, weightless under such minimal force. I became a universal entity – sitting, thinking, watching the sun descend into the ocean. I was possessed by an awesome power that could only be granted by the spirits of the sea; I could have done anything, even sent the seven seas roaring at my command.katie_bluespots3_omp

I gazed out at the sea, watching the glowing ball of energy slowly disappear, retiring for the night just as I would soon have to. The faerie tale had come to an end. My escape from reality was only temporary bliss, as I was forced to return to the realm of the living that existed below. I glanced out at my ocean one final time and then climbed back down to the bottom of the cliff, not looking forward again until the descent was complete.

A small fiddler crab stared up at me.*


The Author

I am an enigma. That’s right. Photographer, writer, musician, model, mother, wife, ruler of time and space...

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