The Watcher

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Watch out for the watcher

Lookout, he’s looking into you
And no, you’ll never ever see him
You can only feel him
And he’s watching you
All the time, yes, he’s watching you
Not a thing you can do
Always watching you
Looking at you
Through your own eyes
Shows you everything
Every single little thing
Things you thought you’d never ever see
No, that can’t be me
So hold onto yourself
Lock you up just like prisoner
But oh, he’s always watching
He’s always stopping you from living
Because he’s watching you
Every moment, all the time, watching
And showing you the truth
Blinding you with his unyielding eyes
You can see through them
Clear as day, just like he sees
So you can see yourself
Whether or not you want to, oh!
He’s gonna force you
But it’s what you gotta do
So always watch out for the watcher
Not like you have a choice
You see right through his eyes
But believe me, he will show you
Every little thing that you have to know about you
And you’re seeing it now
Yes, all the time
All the time,
You’re seeing it and he’s watching
Watching you
And not a damn thing you can do
When you’re blinded by the truth of the lies
These aren’t my eyes all the time
Only sometimes
When he blinds me
And then they really are my very own eyes
And for the first time I can see
For the first time I believe

But still,
I cannot see the watcher
I can only feel him
But i’ll never ever see him
The Watcher
Always watching, all the time
Watch out for the watcher
Always watch out, ’cause he’s watching you
All the time
Always prying open stubborn, blinded eyes
Maybe that’s me
I guess that’s me
Yeah, that’s me
That is definitely me*

The Author

I am an enigma. That’s right. Photographer, writer, musician, model, mother, wife, ruler of time and space...

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