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Here you will find the creative stuff… all of the creative stuff… writing, photography, music, art… it could be anything. Chances are it’s going to be photography or writing. Anyhow, let me try to explain things a bit.

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Initial Nuances

As awesome as photography is, and as alluring as a job title like “photographer” sounds, there’s a major caveat that comes with the job: you kind of have to spend a few years just sucking really hard before anyone is willing to pretend to take you seriously (it’s a snooty profession, folks) and before you actually start […]

Requiem for Yesterday

Stoplight waltz and the way you said things Words danced gracefully off the tip of your tongue Charisma, baby, you’ve got it And your eyes are drowning in it Coffee shop, shoot it up and walk away Relieve me of this sin again Out of sight, out of mind, put it all behind you You’re only […]

Sweet Sea

I breathed in the salty air. The water was a deep royal sapphire. I swam out, beyond the breaking waves, to a large boulder. Refreshing splashes of water cooled my body as I pulled myself out of the water and climbed up upon the rough grey rock. The sharp stones cut my bare feet, drawing forth […]


An ocean of clouds Swarming inside my eyelids Darkness scattered on the open sea Shattering of shells Borderng the end of the abyss I dance boldy and blindly on the edge The night is my mask No one can see me But they can feel me Knowing that I’m here Near them Floating Worrying not […]


Show your face, oh splendid brilliance, come forth! Defend this brief angelic countenance. Thy solemn face suggests deviant thought, Yet thy speech remains still excellent. Tell me of perfect virtuosity, My dying conscience may hear this warning. Strike me with your stunning intensity, And pray I start again when comes the morning. Ascend the heavens, […]


Hear me now, Oh tempers! Oh evil waves of scorn! Thou hast won thy final battle While rage grows within me like a civil revolution Oh hear me, You gods of rapture! You merciless vultures of disguised release! You speak not of undaunted passion But of a pleasureable anguish Your tongue moves sans truth Sans beautiful […]


Amongst a sea of strange intentions I hope to pull my waist above the water Drenced to the bone My flesh cold and heavy I drag my weathered soul across the sand While shades of blue and silver dance Synthesized into a metallic gravity Spinning wildly and tigthly around light and dark Lingering in my […]


I dreamt of an unconceivable villain: A rose attacking the thorns, Eviscerating the garden of Eden Destroying peace long before the illusion But the dream was torn to shreds In fits of wild rage and hatred Blood oozing from the crimson petals As a hypnotizing ballad pulled me through the shadows I sank into the darkness […]

In The Freeze

Autumn breathes urgency into casual strolls. Quickly now, the wind’s blowing, darkness. This night, this sweetly unsettled night, is resting cautiously on the peaking tension. Frozen waterlillies, vibrant as the sun, brilliant as the diamond facets that mirror the frozen sky. Snow explodes from the illusions, like an army of shards, capturing every tree and […]

Antelucan City Stroll (An Urge to Relocate)

4:13 AM… Walking along the city streets Through the unpredictable urban darkness Feeling a tingling sensation throughout my entire body As I pass through the brutal city Alone Taking in everything I can Without giving myself away 4:37 AM… The city reeks of nihilism Only a few people remain out on the sidewalk Only a light or […]

A Touch of Perfection

A gallant moon adorned the city sky as two lost souls united under the mysterious power of the night. They became willfully imprisoned by a mystical oblivion, void of pain, anger and fear. His handsome face, which previously clung to an expression of practicality, effortlessly assumed an enchanted countenance as he gazed into her captivating […]

The Watcher

Watch out for the watcher Lookout, he’s looking into you And no, you’ll never ever see him You can only feel him And he’s watching you All the time, yes, he’s watching you Not a thing you can do Always watching you Looking at you Through your own eyes Shows you everything Every single little […]


His eyes will never change Though the face may age over time A window to the soul Glance inside his truthful aura Remember everything you’ve seen together The memory induces a smile But a lot can happen in a year A face will adopt alternate expressions Voices learn to deliver infected stories But he’s still […]

So Much For The Shack

Small, green, hot, stuffy, dusty, primitive, gross. For eleven years this little seemingly ancient shack, apparently a beach house, had been our home away from home when we went to Bethany Beach every summer. This hut did not have air conditioning, electricity or indoor showers. My mother and I hated it, and the only reason […]


July 23rd, 1999. Durham, North Carolina – one of the hottest days since I had been at the American Dance Festival. Appropriate. As quickly as it had come, it had ended. I would soon be thrown back into what was painfully familiar to me. The only difference being that I now refused to accept it […]

And You’ve Never Felt So Alone

His piercing blue eyes and sophisticated speech that once soothed you and made you smile now cut through your soul, exposing the insecurities within. And you’ve never felt so alone… Her promises and loyalty that used to define consistency now startle through vicious whispers and haunting visions of assassination, poisoned with your newest enemy’s blood. […]

Escape from Wonderland

Another time, another place A girl who wore a different face With eyes that saw between the lines Between the chaos and the lies Another night Another quest Another universe to test But this planet moves without heed To your preferred preferred of speed One more week of sleepless nights One more crazy midnight flight […]

Innuen-do Me

Arm-wrestle me with words for a smile. I will fight back with all the strength that I have, Until I remember that I already lost this one Long before I had started. Tickle my